Progamer to Programmer

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hair Part II

When I decided to grow my hair long, it was because I wanted to prove a point. To my eyes, the world seemed to give more emphasis to appearances than to essence. Nevermind that you weren't a jerk - what mattered more was that you looked physically pleasing. Nevermind that you blatantly cheated during exams - what mattered more was that you got high marks. Nevermind that you'd be more qualified for a job - chances are, that job would go to someone who graduated from college [even if he just asked someone else to do his thesis for him].

I realize now that I was probably too focused on the negative side of things. In the end, people would still realize that the jerk was a jerk. The cheater would pass the course without acquiring knowledge and skills. The job hunter would still keep or lose his job depending on his performance. The world is still just [or am I just being naive?]. But I digress.

I made the choice not to cut my hair until I accomplished certain things. My hair first grew to the length where it prickles your neck, and I had a hard time sleeping because of that. Then it grew even longer. I don't think my mom/sisters really liked the way I looked - they'd always bring up some way of making me more presentable. They gave me this hairnet-like thingy, but I never had the patience to put it on properly, and I ended up wearing it like some sort of bandanna. I also took to growing this beard, which made me look like a terrorist. I always kept receiving wisecracks about working for Abu Sayyaf/Al-Queda. I also noticed that people would give me strange looks. Older people would give me these stares, and women walking alone at night would quicken their pace after catching a glimpse of me.

[to be continued]


Monday, October 29, 2007


A girl I met along the street lightly touched my hair and said "Ang ganda ng buhok mo a!". I didn't really know what to say, so I just smiled back and continued walking.

.. A bit freaky. Although it still felt good.

Wa! What if she's someone I'm supposed to know?!


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Against The Odds

When you learn that the odds are against you, should you just cry and give up?

No! You dig your heels in and give it your best shot. Especially when it concerns things worth fighting for.