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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Had a splashing good time last Saturday. Never thought it would be so much fun away from the computer monitor. :P It was enjoyable to be buffetted around by the waves, and it was fun pretending to be a water wheel. The rides were also good, if only they weren't so short. I wanted to do the more-than-1-person-to-a-rubber-tube ride, but it never crossed anyone else's mind so...

Sometime during the morning, Po quoted to Gaebril that "The supply chain is determined by the weakest link.". To which Gaebril replied "Aren't all chains like that?". You know what's scary about it? Yeah, check out Po's blogger name and see. ;)

Lunch took the longest time, due to the hordes of people lining up. It took 30++ minutes just to line up, and another 30++ for the food to arrive! Chico's treat, which surprised me a little. But then I recalled the times when I did decide to treat, and realized that indeed, Chico's 4-11 birthday was most likely happy.

Oli, Nikki, Jam, and Aidz decided to play TTT by the arcade machine, and judging by the other players, they were probably the strongest players in the building. A great way to pass the time while waiting for the food I suppose. Jas and Alison had a different idea, and decided to practice their photographic skills on all the attendees. Too bad they aren't posted anywhere online.

Lunch was chicken from Rogers Roasters. Alekos was at my table, and he had an enjoyable heap of sidings - quite an interesting meal. I missed sitting at the Comp. Sci. table (Aidz, Niks, Frank), but I guess that was ok, since the conversation at my table was lively.

Afternoon was a repeat experience of the morning (minus Oli's "experience"). Jas left early, because it was her birthday. We stayed 'till they started closing down the rides and bugging us to leave.

The event was supposed to continue at Rico's place. Unfortunately, I had to leave early to beat a deadline. After dropping by Jam's place, I left the group, waved goodbye, and stepped into traffic hell...

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