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Friday, January 25, 2008

Work and Play

Coding and gaming competitively is such a demanding lifestyle. The days are packed and exhausting. It does have its advantages - when I have a bad game, I can cheer myself up by looking at some of the things I've written at work; Likewise, when I feel I'm not doing a very good job, I can recall some games where my team played exceptionally well.

Yesterday we lost against AE. Looking back at the replay, I think we initially played with confidence, and attempted a few ganks, but there were errors in execution that caused a few deaths on our side instead. As the game progressed, I could sense that we became a lot more hesitant to move around the map due to our initial mistakes. In the end, we lost due to being outleveled and outfarmed.

Last night's game was supposed to be preparation for today's tournament. The game was a mixed blessing: it showed us our errors, so that we could learn from them and apply them in the games to come; but it also showed us the meaning of fear.

The competition in the tourney will most definitely be tougher - Mark will be bringing his Manila team. A tournament win will not be very likely for us, but I'm still hoping to aim for second place. Let's see what will happen... XD


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