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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tourney Win

My current DoTA team won a tournament last Friday. I found this win to be the most satisfying one so far because:

  • We came from a long hiatus. During this break, a lot of other teams had the chance to build up their reputation as 'good' DoTA teams. There was a lot of speculation on whether we would be able to win.

  • We used an unconventional lineup that contained Omniknight and Leshrac. Unlike previous tournaments, where we'd bring lineups from Manila, this one was developed in-house. I find it remarkable that a lot of players are now studying the use of those 2 heroes.

  • Our newest, (and who many would consider to be the weakest) player Butch displayed skills that were not to be expected of him. A highlight would be doing a Guardian Angel at the exact moment that the enemy Faceless Void did a Chronosphere. The Omniknight's hands were raised and frozen within the Chronosphere, but the enemy was not able to do any damage.

I'm very happy with my current team. I like the regularly scheduled practices that we have started to hold. I like seeing us grow in skills individually and as a team. I like the fact that we aren't afraid to experiment with different lineups and strategies. I hope that this tourney win is only a herald of things to come.


  • Coolness.

    Miss ko na mag-DotA.

    Astig, proven tourney-worthy na si Leshrac!!! Isa sya sa mga paborito kong Scourge hero.. =p

    By Blogger Nikki, at 11:28 PM  

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