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Monday, September 03, 2007

Music Vids

Let me post some videos of songs which I like. I'd rather simply embed the songs themselves, but can't seem to find a site that allows you to embed them past the 30-second 'song sample' limit.

The first is my favorite from Enigma's A Posteriori album. I would designate it as the "Ballad"-ish type song of the album. The instruments evoke a haunting atmosphere which fit with the mournful, searching lyrics of the song. I think part of why I like this song is because of its positioning in the album - it comes in the later half of the album, and seems to herald its end. The song also uses some elements which were introduced earlier, and help to narrate the song's story.

The video itself is unofficial - but I'm still impressed at the effort taken to making it. It has an amateurish feel to it (or maybe that's just me being stirred by the word 'unofficial').

The other song I'm going to post is I Want Tomorrow by Enya. This is my favorite Enya song. This song was part of Enya's debut album; I find it surprising that she never made a song in a similar style to this one. The video is weird. It has this part where Enya's eyes glow with an evil light and she makes a car explode! O_O


Also, let me post a link to a comic that I recently discovered. The cultural references and humor of this strip are definitely win material. Check


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