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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A lot of backblog

I've recently noticed that my moods are related to my eating and sleeping habits. I am most cheerful and "up" when newly awakened and after my first meal. I previously placed a lot of emphasis on having the correct philosophy and outlook on life. My focus was on being aware that you are capable of selecting how you react to a specific situation, and therefore controlling how happy you can be with your current situation. While this is effective, it still leads to occasional bouts of depression. Eating and sleeping well reduces the frequency of those bouts. I now want to see whether proper exercise will help even more. Heh, common sense makes a lot of sense. -_-


We recently played a game against Team Martians. They are supposed to be one of the top teams from Metro Manila, having placed Top 3 in some major MM events. It seems news of their defeat spread, since a team from Parañaque actually drove to Los Baños to play us. Wow.

The games were close, and we could have won. I think that we managed to identify the key reasons why we lost. The Parañaque team played better in the lanes than the Martians, demonstrating some concepts which me and Mark have been theorycrafting for quite a while. I hope that our team manages to incorporate those into our game, and practice enough to execute it well. Learning is a good experience.

Keith, our newest member and former Starcraft Progamer (hailing from Korea and having played Boxer during his career), took the loss very seriously and left with tears in his eyes. I guess the biggest barrier is the fact that his English is limited, so conveying the plan to him can become difficult. I hope he does not go too hard on himself.


Sometimes I wonder whether I'm spreading myself too thinly. I want to become better at DoTA, programming, normal Warcraft, playing the drums, the piano, as well as mastering whatever happens to be the "game of the month" (currently Imperialism, which I can now finish at Hard mode without any "save/load" cheats).

I'd probably laugh at any build order or strategy that involves getting everything that can be got. The same should probably apply in Real Life(TM) as well. I should make choices as to what to pursue. Or maybe be more patient and not expect to become top-of-the-line at everything at once. Either path, the journey is bound to be an exciting one.


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