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Saturday, May 28, 2005

I Exhibit Too!

Me, Seth and Brian went to Glorietta last Thursday since Seth wanted to celebrate her birthday by treating everyone out to Star Wars. We ended up spending a lot more time at Percussion Freaks. It's definitely a lot more fun on the actual drums than on the PC Version.

We saw this middle-aged Chinese guy who looked like he could be some company executive, and he played mean drums! He kept doing a cool trick where he would bang the sticks together in the middle of a drum roll for a nice effect. It was very surprising to see such a performance coming from someone unbecoming.

Managed to find the DTX File for Haru~Spring, from Drummania 2. Coolness.


Sith Sense reminds me of the 20 questions AI game we used to play during ACM practice breaks (or maybe I should just say ACM practice :). For some reason, its a lot weaker than on the simple web version. Still, its fun to see Vader taunt you.


Mark points out a blog entry regarding the Cringe Factor. This basically states that certain outstanding tasks remain outstanding because of reasons that makes us not want to do it; In other words, some sort of inertial barrier that keeps us from going into motion. The article then goes on to specify some steps on how to get it done.

I definitely agree with the contents of the article. I will also go on to say that if you find yourself consistently facing tasks with a high Cringe Factor, you should start reconsidering either your outlook, or your line of work. Taking the problem head-on and getting it done is a micro action that cannot be avoided in some situations. Putting yourself in the position where such micro is minimized constitutes the macro part.

Also, above all else, do NOT swear not to do anything else until your large Cringe-Job is done. A lot of opportunities may pass you by if you fail to micro properly.


Wow. Blogging is pleasurable.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Masturbatory Blogging

Andrew (Armi's younger brother) has just launched his new blog; The design is impressive, though it still suffers from font colors contrasting with the background. I wonder if Ruben will be inspired to do the same..


I was trying to come up with several ideas/topics to post in this semi-dormant blog, when Seth brought up the topic that blogging is masturbatory. If that's the case, then I'd rather be a voyeur than an exhibitionist. :)


Have to get a blogroll up...