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Friday, April 07, 2006

Lazier Blogging

What's lazier than posting a quiz result?

Posting a link to an event you'd like to blog about, but was blogged first by someone who experienced it with you.

I'd like to say more, but it would break the title of this post. :)


  • dito na lang ako magco-comment.

    1. WTF ban! yan ang hirap pag dumadayo ka talaga eh; you eventually get recognized, and then nobody would play you if you're really good.

    2. why are the other teams picking VERY inferior characters for the matchup? and they put too much faith on rhasta/sniper! i could EAT rhasta and sniper.

    3. i'm not a lich player. what items do you need for a darkrit build?

    4. no necro? WHY?

    By Blogger jem, at 6:10 PM  

  • 1. The tournament was smalltime. The playing environment here in LB is not big/mature enough to be able to accomodate our team yet. The attitude taken by some of the participants is a bit unhealthy, but it should improve as time goes on.

    2. Not sure what you mean by inferior - be more specific?. The items chosen by the Rhasta's we played were inferior (not sure why they picked crap items). Also notice in game 2, where Rhasta's items do not scale up. The Rhasta's in the tournament (especially the game 1 Rhasta) did not get any items that made them harder to kill - they die after 2-3 random nukes.

    Sniper is good in a lane, because headshot/take aim build allows him to have a very high success rate at denial/last hits (same concept with Nevermore).

    BTW, lineups are decided before the game, so you have no idea what you are up against until the game itself.

    3. This is more of a playing style than a build order. It involves getting dark rit as your first skill and dark ritualling your first 2 creeps in the initial wave (once when the creep spawn, and once when the creep start fighting), and using it ASAP after every cooldown. Last hit focus will be on denial.

    The Lich has a Nuke (Frost Nova), a highly rechargeable mana pool (Dark Rit), and a mechanism for keeping the creeps on his side of the lane (Dark Rit, active deny, only last hits on enemy creep). With this, the Lich can just stand in front of the battle (in front of friendly and hostile creep waves) and box out the enemy hero from gaining experience. Proper creep control ensures that the creep wave never reaches the enemy tower, making him gain very minimal experience - if any. The Lich also has the freedom to make money since the enemy hero is pressured to keep away from the Lich's nuke. A chicken and regen items like RoR/Flask make sure that the Lich remains in-lane all the time.

    We've experienced the Lich gaining as much as 5 levels (Lvl 10 Lich vs. Lvl 5 Rooftrellen) when the Lich goes against non-nukers or melee heroes. When playing against Lich, we consider making equal levels with the Lich a good performance.

    4. Necro has been banned because of its alleged broken-ness.

    By Blogger Celedor, at 12:23 AM  

  • nice lich strat! i'm used to boxing out heroes from lanes, but i haven't thought of deliberately keeping your creep numbers smaller to keep the fight close to your tower. normal denial lang ako; then again, i'm not a lich player. astig.


    necro isn't broken anymore. that makes me sad, considering it was a super powerful weapon for a "The Swarm" game (team of chars with creeps -- lycan, necrolic, enigma, broodmother, prophet). fun fun! wag lang AoE team yung kalaban XD


    what i meant by inferior char selection is that the resulting team is not capable of matching up to your team. pero pinipili pala yung chars before the fight, so now it just seems to me that the others are just aiming at a str/agi/int combination, to balance out any opposing team(?).


    wala masyado dito sa cavite na gumagamit ng nevermore, ewan kung bakit. most players here have 3-4 pet heroes, and some pet build orders (anyone say sven?). that's why a new hero combination or a new style of play seems to throw their game easily off-course.

    playing these guys a long time, i don't know how i would match up against people from other areas.


    i like doombringer. your DB player shows great taste XD

    By Blogger jem, at 5:54 AM  

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